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[S3E1] Wait For It... HOT!

After a long wait, the third season of Westworld finally kicked off, with an episode that provided great detail into what life is like outside of the parks that have dominated the story so far, showed what some of the main characters are up to, and introduced a number of new faces.

[S3E1] Wait For It...

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Well, I can't wait for that to find a publisher and be be released for me, but also for all of our all of our members. And we can bring you back for that. Before before we wrap it up here, I'm looking to see if there's any other questions. One of the questions that we always ask, what other resources are out there for somebody that wants to dig deeper?

And thank you for sharing it. Can't wait to have you back. Please stay stay on our websites, check into Facebook and be aware of our upcoming programs and all the great digital content we've been producing. Before I close out, Dave, do you have any any final comments?

Well, I want to extend my gratitude to the National World War Two Museum to you, Jeremy. And to your entire staff there, because you recognized that the only all Mexican-American US Army unit should have a platform of this kind. We've been waiting for decades to be able to share our stories, and we've always asked the question: Where are our stories?

We see a flashback (shot in widescreen by regular series director Vincenzo Natali) to Hannibal eating dinner with Dr. Abel Gideon (Eddie Izzard), a killer who tried to assume Hannibal's identity as the Chesapeake Ripper. The dinner? Gideon's severed legs. Gideon thinks that Hannibal isn't as in control as he thinks he is, but he also notices that Hannibal is lonely. As Gideon eats a snail that has been feasting on Gideon's severed body parts, Gideon says, "I can't wait to see how you feel once someone tries to do this to you." Did Dr. Gideon understand Hannibal?

Welcome back to the world of Jimmy McGill! If you thought that Season 3's premiere would kick off immediately after the last episode ended, then you don't know Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) and Better Call Saul itself. Because, in keeping with both previous season premieres, we begin with a mini-movie glimpse into "Saul"'s future, post-Breaking Bad as maudlin, robotic Cinnabon manager Gene. Always concerned about tangling with the law lest his real identity somehow be revealed, "Gene" here throws a young shoplifter at the mall under the bus, but not before shouting "get a lawyer!" as he's frog marched away. If only the thief knew... It's another tiny triumph for show co-creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, who launch the season with their script (and Gilligan directs). The monochrome footage, the perfectly composed shots, the loving montages of Cinnabons being created and iced (product placement, we suppose, though we're not sure how quickly they'd jump at the chance of being associated with a criminal in hiding)... It all adds up to a perfect glimpse into Jimmy's ruptured soul at that point. And, just before the credits roll, our hero collapses. The weight of the world catching up with him? Some heretofore undisclosed medical issue? Unless the team is planning to visit the future more often this season, we're in for a wait to find out on that front.

And then there is Mike Ehrmantraut. Played with pitch-perfect world-weariness by Jonathan Banks, he's the sort of character you can't imagine existing outside of Saul's world, though part of us wants to see him on Fargo. Banks is so good at what he does that he makes waiting watchable. And the sequence where Mike methodically takes his car apart and discovers a tracking beacon is pure technical grandstanding. Few other series could get away with it, and it pushes even Saul's level tinkering with format, but it's just so satisfying, especially when Mike then concocts a plan to turn things around on the people who have been monitoring him.

A strong return for Better Call Saul. We're kept on tenterhooks waiting to find out what happens when the other shoe drops with Chuck's tape or Jimmy and Kim's relationship, steady as it seems for right now. And while it does feel like Mike is existing in a different storyline, anyone who has seen Breaking Bad knows there will come a point when they'll converge again. We're getting closer and closer, and it's getting ever more painful (in the best way possible) to watch. Great work from all involved, and few shows on TV look as good as this one, with its stately, relaxed shots and sparing use of visual flair, such as for Mike's fast drive out of the desert. Welcome back, Saul... We've missed you.

It's very much by Logan's design that Connor has little to do in this episode. Logan treats him as an afterthought, much like his siblings do, so we'll have to wait to see what direction Connor is going this season.

In the morning, Buffy, in pigtails and a checkered uniform, waits on a young couple who are canoodling. The girl is ex-vampire groupie "Chantarelle" (from "Lie to Me"), only looking much more like a Street Urchin. The lovers have matching tattoos that, when placed together, form a heart with their names on them: "Rickie" and "Lily." After reading Buffy's name tag, which says "ANNE," Lily wonders if they've met someplace before.

Judge Lola Carmichael will finally return with All Rise Season 3 Episode 1. The last episode dealt with her struggle for the reelection to her bench. Now in the upcoming episode, she will wait for the result. It will be challenging for her to wait now while dealing with new cases. Things will take a twisted turn when someone files a lawsuit. Keep reading to know more. 041b061a72


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