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Juan Tamad Full Story Tagalog Ve

JOSE B. JIMENEZ 3RD\rTHE world of 5G is upon us and, soon, every mobile device will be using the technology. 5G is the fifth-generation cellular network technology. It promises to greatly enhance the speed, coverage and responsiveness of wireless networks, about 10 to 100 times speedier than the typical cellular connection, and faster than anything you can get with a physical fiber-optic cable in your homes.\r5G can support up to a million devices per square kilometer, very much more than what current telcos currently use. The first substantial deployments were in April 2019 in South Korea by SK Telecom. To date, six companies sell 5G radio hardware and 5G systems for carriers: Huawei, ZTE, Nokia, Samsung, Datang\/Fiberhome and Ericsson.\rFrom self-driving cars, virtual and augmented reality to telemedicine services such as remote surgery, 5G aims to achieve a high data rate, low latency (response time), low power consumption, improved system capacity and the most important thing \u2014 massive device connectivity. It will definitely impact major industries, including media, publishing, healthcare, gaming, automotive, public transport and utilities. It is expected to play an even bigger role in our day-to-day lives and revolutionize the way that companies communicate with customers.\rWould 5G then make us, if not already lazy, lazier? An article published at the Geneva Business School enumerates five ways on how technology has made us lazy, and there is much truth to it. So, going back to the question, will it make us lazier? Like Juan Tamad lazy?\rJuan Tamad is a character in Philippine folklore known for his laziness. Many stories portray his laziness to extreme stupidity and comedy. The most famous tale is one where he chances upon a guava tree laden with ripe fruit. Being too lazy to climb, he lies down under the tree and waits for the guava to fall into his mouth, waiting until kingdom come with his mouth wide open.\rAnother story is about Juan Tamad and the crabs. He is instructed by his mother to purchase crabs at the nearby market. Again, being too lazy to carry them, he sets the crabs free, telling them to follow him home. Another is about Juan Tamad taking a bride. His mother tells him it is time he gets married. He asks his mother what kind of woman he should look for, and his mother tells him to look for a lady of few words. Juan Tamad comes upon a house where an old woman and her daughter live. Upon seeing the girl, he proposes, \u201cWill you marry me?\u201d The girl simply stares at him without uttering a word. He then carries her back to his mother. But his mother chastises him for he had brought home a corpse.\rThere are many books written, illustrations done and movies made about the character Juan Tamad. The oldest book is titled B\u00fahay na pinagdaanan ni Juan Tamad na anac ni Fabio at ni Sofia sa caharian nang Portugal, na hinan\u0303go sa novela (The travails of Juan Tamad, son of Fabio and Sofia, in the kingdom of Portugal). The book can be accessed through the site, \u201cThe United States and its Territories 1870-1925: The Age of Imperialism.\u201d The book was published in Manila in 1919 and contains a poem consisting of 78 pages of four-line stanzas at seven stanzas per page. To the initiated, the book is pure alchemy and esoterica. It does not intend to describe a lazy, stupid person like what we hear and learn from folk and pop culture.\rIn 1957, Manuel and Lyd Arguilla wrote Philippine Tales and Fables, which included the story of Juan Tamad, with illustrations by Romeo V. Tabuena. In 1965, playwright and publisher Alberto Florentino took the Arguillas\u2019 retelling of Juan Tamad and published it as Stories of Juan Tamad, part of a series of three booklets for young readers, illustrated with woodcuts by J. Elizalde Navarro, National Artist for Visual Arts.\rThere has been intentional portraying of the laziness of Juan Tamad as an attribute of the common Filipino, especially during the colonial period, to degrade and demean the Filipino by associating him with inherent indolence. The fictional character may have been a product of propaganda against the Filipino people. The persona may have been created by those with a vested interest in ingraining the mentality of slothfulness to a colonized people.\rThe Filipino is not lazy. 5G technology will not make us lazier. The Filipino is inherently industrious and hardworking. To associate the Juan Tamad character as an innate trait of the Filipinos is insulting to a proud race.\rWe are standing at the doorstep of the 5G world. The technology will not make us lie \u201cunder a guava tree and wait for the fruit to fall.\u201d Instead, with a faster, more reliable, more secure and more connected network, it will give us a chance, an advantage, and a level playing field to showcase our ingenuity, our industriousness, our creativity and our innate ability to adapt to technology to better our lives and the lives of many.\rThe author is the executive director of the Harvard Kennedy School Alumni Association of the Philippines.","author_name":"Jose B. Jimenez 3rd","manset_tipi":"","author_id":659,"publish_time":"2019-11-28 00:05:55","max_publish_time":"2019-11-28 00:05:55","last_edited":"2019-11-27 15:35:01","article_byline":"Jose B. Jimenez 3rd","is_old_article":1,"image_path":"\\\"image_path\\\":\\\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/uploads\\\/imported_images\\\/uploads\\\/2019\\\/11\\\/JOSE-JIMENEZ-3RD.jpg\\\",\\\"cms_type\\\":\\\"liveOld\\\",\\\"small_image\\\":\\\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/wp-content\\\/uploads\\\/2019\\\/11\\\/JOSE-JIMENEZ-3RD.jpg\\\",\\\"is_updated\\\":\\\"0\\\",\\\"image_cropping\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"is_copied\\\":\\\"0\\\",\\\"media_type\\\":\\\"0\\\",\\\"image_caption\\\":\\\"JOSE B. JIMENEZ 3RD\\\",\\\"image_count\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"vid\\\":\\\"false\\\"","article_tags":"","section_id":10027,"permalink":"2019\/11\/28\/opinion\/columnists\/juan-tamad-and-5g\/659431","sub_section_id":40,"is_archive":"1","is_active":1,"offer_flag":0,"section_name":"Opinion","np_section_id":13,"sub_section_name":"Columnists","np_sub_section_id":-40}; Juan Tamad and 5G Read Next No Holds Barred Episode 4: Road to Tokyo Olympics with Hidilyn Diaz var VUUKLE_CONFIG = apiKey: "ddc3d585-821a-474d-b7da-9360d9e4f2e7", articleId: 659431, author: 'Jose B. Jimenez 3rd', ; By Jose B. Jimenez 3rd November 28, 2019 $(function () $('.copy_text').click(function (e) e.preventDefault(); var copyText = $(this).attr('data-href'); document.addEventListener('copy', function(e) e.clipboardData.setData('text/plain', copyText); e.preventDefault(); , true); document.execCommand('copy'); $(this).addClass('active') setTimeout(function() $('.copy_text').removeClass('active') , 3000); ); ); JOSE B. JIMENEZ 3RD

Juan Tamad Full Story Tagalog Ve

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JUAN TAMAD - September 6 2015 FULL EPISODE PART 4. . Juan Tamad is a Filipino Comedy to be broadcast by GMA Network and produced by GMA . Fake news story; Embed .Alamat Juan Tamad GMA News. Loading. Unsubscribe from GMA News? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 1.9M. Loading. .World's Largest Online Community.. . the Juan Tamad story most often . McCulloch-Dick widened his idea of Juan until he made Juan dela Cruz as a typical Filipino, Juan dela Cruz . Full of unique .Si Juan at ang Alimango. . Currently, we have articles about Filipino folklore including short stories, fables, parables, myths, and legends.. bertgeo April 17, 2018 Juan Tamad Full Story Tagalog Version bertgeo. Juan Tamad Full Story Tagalog Version.Filipino Community Orgs . But in all of these stories Juan Tamad remained as lazy and as stupid . Already full of craving, Juan .. STORIES OF JUAN TAMAD retold by . week and the next week it was the same story again and finally Juans mother . pride in being Filipino.. MGA KWENTO NI JUAN TAMAD Lumikha ng libreng website o blog sa Post to. Bawiin . 1159b5a9f9 350c69d7ab


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